AtoZ 2019 ( #MentalHealthAwareness)

This time I have chosen MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS as my theme.

Though May is the month for mental health awareness, I thought April would be a good time to talk about it and at a widespread global platform like A to Z Challenge.
Mental Health is one of the four pillars of health and in our part of the world still riddled with deep stigma, taboo and lack of awareness. 

Being a depression survivor myself and also an Oesteoid Oesteoma and Fibromyalgia survivor,both Chronic Invisible Illnesses that have huge mental health implications, I think it is time we start building safe and non-judgmental spaces in India to talk about mental health.

I think it was only appropriate that I use my blog and the platform of #AtoZ to speak about mental health and contribute in my own small way towards awareness.

My aim by attempting this challenge is to reiterate:

  • Mental health issues are as important as physical health challenges.
  • Anyone young, old, rich, poor, male, female, educated, illiterate can be presented with mental health challenges.
  • Most survivors of mental health issues can be normal, productive members of society if provided proper treatment to cure or control their condition.
  • All survivors of mental health issues should be treated with dignity due to any human being and same empathy as we extend to any physically ill person.

Here is a complete list of my posts for this challenge in 2019.

Theme  Reveal Post 

A - Anxiety
B - Bipolar Disorder
C - Cognitive Behavorial Therapy 
D - Depression 
E - Eating Disorders 
F - Family Support & Awareness 

G - Generalised Anxiety Disorder 

H - High Functioning Mental Illness 
I - Injuring Yourself/self-harm 
J - Just Myths about Mental Health 
K- Kids and Mental Health 
L - Learning Disorders

M - Mood Disorders 
N - Narcissistic Personality Disorder 
O - Obsessive Compulsive Disorder 
P - Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder 
Q - Quick Mental Health Facts
R - Rare Mental Disorders

S - Suicide Prevention
T - Teenage Mental Health
U - Untreated Mental Illness
V - Violence and mental health
W - Women & Mental Health
X - eXpressing Mental Health

Y - Yoga for Mental Health
Z- Z gen & Mental Health

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