Friday, April 2, 2021

bellum omnium contra onnes #NewNormal #A2Z

 bellum omnium contra onnes

(Latin) the war of all against all

Since time immemorial
nations and cultures 
honour their warriors
glorify their wars
in awards and honours 
and lofty memorials

and then happens a war
that involves the entire world
against an invisible foe
nobody against nobody
or everyone against every one

the lines are drawn
Man/Woman, Poor/Rich
Urban/Rural, Singular/plural
Hope and vain

the war continues
some wounded some slain
some safe as yet some in pain
who is fighting whom
the sides are yet not known
the war of all against all unknown.


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  1. The war of all against all...
    competing with others for survival and competing for everything.
    Loved your poem...

    1. Yes Pragun, that is the gist, thanks for stopping by

  2. I assume this war is against the Coronavirus . You’ve captured the futility really well.

    1. Yes as the phrase says a conflict of all against all

  3. Your post describes well the futility most of us have felt over the past twelve months.

  4. Love the poem, Pooja! It's profound. Am glad you selected poetry and will be coming back for more. #BlogchatterA2Z

  5. That's a good poem!

  6. Love: "everyone against every one"--
    it sums up the ethos of the times.

    1. Yes that's what the world turned into, glad it resonated with you

  7. These lines beautifully depict the way the pandemic has affected us....And our relentless struggle since last year....

  8. Reminds me of Gulzar Song - "मरेंगे तो वहीँ जाकर जहाँ पर ज़िन्दगी है"
    It's magic that you are able to write so well on a prompt...

    1. Hmm good one. Well the prompts are self chosen.

    2. फिर भी रोज़ लिख पाने की बढ़ईगिरी का जादू तो मानना ही होगा

    3. Writing is like breathing to me

  9. The last stanza is my favorite. I'm assuming the poem is about the pandemic, where it is the world against the virus.

  10. This is so profound! The meaninglessness and futility bought out so well

  11. Your poem truly depicts the state of helplessness we went through, or rather go through for the last one year. Love the rhymes!

  12. Yes Shalini, it is still going on. Thanks.

  13. This is very well written. Liked the essence of this one.

  14. A rhythmic delight. Very well written Pooja

  15. Aptly summed. These days its becoming more like survival of the fittest

  16. Wouldn't it be something if the pandemic at least taught us all to get along, instead of fighting one another. Sadly, I see little sign of this lesson being learned yet. Good writing Pooja

  17. This is beautiful Pooja. I love your choice of words and the accompanying poem.

  18. As we're battling with an unknown enemy this war has unified us and only the best will remain. Very nicely written.

  19. Thought provoking! The problem with this "war" is that what is required is cooperation to bring the pandemic to an end -- the very antithesis of conflict. Let's hope that cooperation and collective action for the great good wins out and saves lives.

  20. Yes Molly, I hope we learn our lessons.

  21. The troll games , the hatred is so common that people indulged in it do not remeber the reasons for their fight ! Crazy times that we are in. This is a beautiful and a hard hitting poem.

  22. nice post! I really like the quote you highlighted at the top!
    Joy at The Joyous. Living



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