Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Vanity thy name is parents!

On a bright sunday morning,mama-papa and Sonee walked into what they had thought would be a baby show,organised by a famous pre-school chain.Right at the reception the indications were quite the contrary.Some parents were jostling and struggling to get the numerologicaly lucky token numbers for their tots,while others were shamefully staring at other babies carefully evaluating their chances against their own prodigy.It was a show of power ,money,and status.In short,the event was everything else but a baby show.Weren't baby shows supposed to be fun events for parents and children to get to know each other,play a few harmless and guileless games ,win some prizes and go home with a truckload of happy memories and a list of new friends and contacts?
Maybe times have actually changed for the worse.These are real competitive times where we don't even think twice before shoving our bundle of joy in this race to be the best always.Trophy wives are things of the past ,now we must have trophy children ,in the best designer wear ,to flaunt and boast about,and god forbid if our baby is less than the best we are hit where it hurts the must.Pop goes our vanity bubble and we look with envy at the proud parents of a prize-winning baby.
Can't we let our child be it's own reward not forget the special privilege that He has bestowed on us -to be parents.Why not just show our baby the wonderful world instead of putting our babies on show.
My personal apologies to Sonee for taking her to what i had supposed to be a baby show.I promise u darling this was our first and last.

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