Thursday, February 22, 2018

Rigor Mortis Revisited

Science says
brain shall live
ten minutes
after death

before the memory center

the last one to die
flashes a slideshow
of life gone by

so lets pick the slides

  • my father's snowboots
  • Shimla's cedars whistling
  • little fingers dipped in paint
  • a dark lonely corridor
  • the smell of books
  • first blood in panties
  • the rush of a love letter
  • first dead body
  • waves and sand
  • scars and bruises
  • cobbled streets of Brugge
  • touch of a surgical blade
  • a Sufi shrine
  • a little Buddha
  • two small feet kicking
  • Ardas in a Gurdwara
  • papers and destiny
  • Screens and calls
  • blinking cursor

the last moment of my
Rigor Mortis love

Tuesday, February 20, 2018


Disperse neuron by neuron
back into the cosmos
let them be obsessed
with their self-created I's

pore by pore dilute yourself
be soluble in your lover
Scatter like stardust in a galaxy
not like shards of a broken mirror

have the courage to be vulnerable
break like a wave at the shore
in his skin, his eyes and his soul
like dew dissipates on petals

Monday, February 19, 2018

The Body of a Woman

I tell my toes to let go
of the circles they drew in sand
across several beaches
and the soles to remember
the sinking as the waves
withdrew their love

I tell my legs to let go
all memories of the difficult walks
the calves to remember 
the fatigues of love
and the thighs the longing 
to relax and spread
without fear or shame

I tell the vagina
to let go of the cliches
and know its name
to remember the pleasures
and the pain
and own the mystery
of the feminine mytsique

I tell the belly
to let go of the hungers
of the body and soul
and remember the stretch marks
are medals of honour
from time and sometimes motherhood
very few in the world have the privilge
of being home to another

I tell the breasts
to let go of fears, of stares
and remember only the caresses
of a lover's gaze
or that fuzzy feeling
of being a woman, whenever
someone seeks your warmth and comfort

I tell the heart
to let go the beating
when life gets too much
and remember those that fight all life
also have a right to fall
to go quiet in their invisibility
and not complain at all

I tell the lips
to let go of words, mere words
and instead remember to have a voice
that will say each word
as the heart prompts 
and whenever say LOVE mean it

I tell the eyes to let go
dust and roughness of time
and wash yourself regularly
with your secret saline waterfalls
to see the smiles in other eyes
and to close the lids

I tell the mind
(if its still there)
to let go of control
and listen to these individuals 
that give it the throne
and remember that the soul must go
onward to never return.

Thursday, February 8, 2018


Guns and roses
remember the cassettes 
redundant now
like first love

flakes of snow
on closed eyelids
memories melt
courtesies go

like logs flowing down
mountainous river
with bruises of time
years flow

delirium isn't a word
detachment is a challenge
when soul is a shrine
and chants just one name
like a stuck lego

my body is a 
life sentence
do you know?

fresh diagnosis:
the patient must celebrate 
this Valentine's day
as a final let go !

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