Monday, March 18, 2019

#AtoZChallenge #MentalHealthAwarenss Theme for 2019

This is my 5th consecutive year at #AtoZChallenge, what I love the most here is the sharing of knowledge and creation of quality intellectual property.

My previous themes have been:

This time I have chosen MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS as my theme.

Though May is the month for mental health awareness, I thought April would be a good time to talk about it and at a widespread global platform like A to Z Challenge. 

Mental Health is one of the four pillars of health and in our part of the world still riddled with deep stigma, taboo and lack of awareness. 

Being a depression survivor myself and also an Oesteoid Oesteoma and Fibromyalgia survivor,both Chronic Invisible Illnesses that have huge mental heath implications, I think it is time we start building safe and non-judgmental spaces in India to talk about mental health.

I think it was only appropriate that I use my blog and the platform of #AtoZ to speak about mental health and contribute in my own small way towards awareness.

In 2015 a study conducted by the Word Health Organization indicated that one in five Indians may suffer from depression in their lifetime, equivalent to 200 million people.

Intentional Self harm (Suicide) is the second most common cause of death in population with in the age group of 15 to 29, and one of the top ten causes of death among the general population of India.
Due to the stigma associated with mental illness, a lack of awareness, and limited access to professional help, only 10-12% of these sufferers will seek help.There is a huge need to sensitize and educate people about the signs and symptoms of mental illness and normalize the idea of seeking support for themselves and their loved ones.

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Tuesday, March 12, 2019

A crucifix I carry I call it home!

A crucifix 
sometimes has a roof and walls
windows with latches
doors with holdfasts

it is a monster
changing forms
like a leech
fangs deep into the skin

it demands and demands
candles and matches

it is hungry
it is angry
sucks hope from the marrows
you dump and dump
exhaustion and hurt
till your heart stinks
ready to burst

the aches and pains
the monster's love bites
all over body and soul
always wanting
more, more,more

I looked for synonyms
to make it sound better
residence, abode, household
A crucifix I carry
I call it home!

Sunday, March 3, 2019

Tea Musings

She gazes into
the fawn haze
of her tea cup

He gazes into

the amber pools

of her eyes

Life strangulates love
using the leash of time

At the bottom
of a cold cup
A dream remains
Untasted !

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The Human Bean Cafe, Ontario
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