Wednesday, August 29, 2018

How THE ALCHEMIST altered me !

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Those were the days of a heady pen-friendship that was gradually taking a romantic turn. In late teens in small town Shimla the keen reader me had access to books available only in the rustic, colonial State Library where new titles were rare and arrived couple of years later when they were no longer new.
And there it came as a birthday gift from the mystery pen-friend I was falling in love with – Paulo Coelho’s THE ALCHEMIST.

The inscription read- So that you believe in your dreams!

The shepherd boy’s story had me hooked right from the word go. It connected directly to my wanderlust and traveller’s soul and I was also mesmerised that how a distant friend knew what would grasp my attention firmly.

I loved the way this tale was not just ancient wisdom/folklore turned into modern day motivational and inspirational story but at its core it was essentially a love story.

I was battling with depression; the book uplifted my spirit in magical ways and helped me see light. It made me believe in love and the miracles we simple humans could achieve in love for someone whom we love deeply.

Over the years I bought several copies of this book to gift to almost everyone I knew. This is one book I always recommend for self-help and motivation. It also got me hooked on to Paulo Coelho's blog which led me to become a blogger too a few years down the line.

I today possess several editions of the book, including my favorite of the entire lot is the illustrated one that I often read snippets from to my young daughter.

This is one book that has reinforced my belief that books are the best legacy, the best gift and the most precious unending joy.

The Alchemist has surely altered my chemistry as a reader forever!


Thursday, August 23, 2018

India - Her Home #AllForKerala

the blanket looks hand woven
from fresh sheep wool from Himalayas
the cotton sheets bear the fragrance 
of the fields of northern plains
the jaggery, the rice and the pulses
neatly packed in transparent compassion

her younger one wears sandals
with smiling mickey mouse
older one wears salwar kameez
like she never had before
She wrapped the benarasi pallu 
closer to her chest and bent down

the village was still under water
home, childhood, fields, all of it
and yet in this small corner
she had a found 
Some solace- a new family
She thought of love
brothers and sisters 
who had poured love

unseen, unknown before
who had sent warmth and prayers
India was indeed her home !

Monday, August 20, 2018

An Infant's grave

The cursor throbs in pain
of aborting a word
that was a dream

A writer's heart 
is a tender womb
where life hope plants a seed

and life's forceps
pull out forcibly
the last remains of 
a half-formed love

they say an infant's grave
often glows
that's the light
you see in my eyes !

Sunday, August 12, 2018


Time isn't the same river
I am crossing
I ain't the same person I was

And yet rituals 
repeat themselves
like the rotating prayer wheels
kissing Mcleodganj breeze

with shaking hands
and fluttering heart
a soul holds onto life
that looks like coffee

words, noise, smiles
to drown the ache
of an old scar love left
the waterproof Kajal
won't smudge for sure?

the tip of the index finger
pressed at the tip of the eye
she looks at a past
mourning a future !

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