Thursday, August 23, 2018

India - Her Home #AllForKerala

the blanket looks hand woven
from fresh sheep wool from Himalayas
the cotton sheets bear the fragrance 
of the fields of northern plains
the jaggery, the rice and the pulses
neatly packed in transparent compassion

her younger one wears sandals
with smiling mickey mouse
older one wears salwar kameez
like she never had before
She wrapped the benarasi pallu 
closer to her chest and bent down

the village was still under water
home, childhood, fields, all of it
and yet in this small corner
she had a found 
Some solace- a new family
She thought of love
brothers and sisters 
who had poured love

unseen, unknown before
who had sent warmth and prayers
India was indeed her home !

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