Tuesday, November 22, 2016


Somewhere an earthquake 
has rocked the earth
somewhere a volcano sizzles
surfaces and masks
deceptive always

As the core liquifies
and keeps simmering
the pretense of calm
to befool the world

trapped in a Zentangle
you try to exhibit
your talent and greatness
and I barely hold my pencil right

you write peace, composure
I draw confusion, conflict,pain

feeling "Toska"
trapped in a Zentangle
called Love
called Life

Thursday, November 17, 2016


The alarm clocks have died
the mobile rings
the world is fogged out
objects have blurred
into each other

a lone sandal
abandoned near a drain
some things are useful
only in pairs

thick tiles stolen
off a pavement
arranged like some
ancient Shamanic ritual
the flower-seller
is dreaming of
a warmth called home
shivering in a thin quilt

an abandoned house
like an enlightened mind
leaves all its windows open
waiting for some dreams

TVs and remotes
people-remotely connected
word play
who plays with whom?

washing machine
mechanical motions

cohesion and coherence
go first
comprehension is
not a virtue

little fights and victories
red bicycle,Joyce
crayons,Hugh Prather

hug yourself
I tell a friend

to let go
of letting go

the last dimension

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Somewhere in the outback

In the shadow 
of the Uluru*
or somewhere in the
desolate outback
among the waterholes,
the rock engravings
in the Dreamtime**

lie buried
a child's clapping sticks
and the echoes of
their careless gammon
till the gubba man***
and stole generations 

the abandoned fish hooks
and the broken boomerang
long for the 
Rainbow Serpent
now long gone 

the coroborees#
seeking the old spirits
in the sand and the snow
the desert red with love
not blood

where all stories begin !

* The Ayers Rock
** The Dreamtime (or Dreaming) is a term used to describe the period before living memory when Spirits emerged from beneath the earth and from the sky to create the land forms and all living things.
*** government

Thursday, November 3, 2016

The #PeriodPride Warrior’s Rhyme

Image Courtesy: Google

Grandma tradition
Spoke to little P
When you get your period
Listen to me:

“Pickles could rot
And plants could die
If you touch cattle
Their udders may dry

Don’t say prayers
Or touch any holy book
Don’t enter the kitchen
And don’t you dare cook

Why do you need to
wash your filthy hair?
Do not touch your husband
If you really care

Your dirty, unclean cycle
Can make men and children ill
If you go swimming
You’ll drown for sure
or be a shark’s kill

If you go dancing
Or play out in the field
You will stain your skirt
and your family honor indeed.”

But P knew her body
So she wasn’t really afraid
She laughed at the don’ts
and a new song, she made

“My dear dear granny
Granny full of traditions
I will not follow your taboos
Not any of these conditions

Across borders and cultures
Women of the world unite
In feeling no shame
For blood that makes life

So listen my dear
I will do as I please
I am a #PeriodPride warrior
your taboos I shall defeat.”

“This blogathon is supported by the Maya App, used by 6.5 million women worldwide to take charge of their periods and health.”

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