Thursday, November 10, 2016

Somewhere in the outback

In the shadow 
of the Uluru*
or somewhere in the
desolate outback
among the waterholes,
the rock engravings
in the Dreamtime**

lie buried
a child's clapping sticks
and the echoes of
their careless gammon
till the gubba man***
and stole generations 

the abandoned fish hooks
and the broken boomerang
long for the 
Rainbow Serpent
now long gone 

the coroborees#
seeking the old spirits
in the sand and the snow
the desert red with love
not blood

where all stories begin !

* The Ayers Rock
** The Dreamtime (or Dreaming) is a term used to describe the period before living memory when Spirits emerged from beneath the earth and from the sky to create the land forms and all living things.
*** government

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