Saturday, January 28, 2017

Love Song of a Broken Woman

Muses are not always
Greek goddesses
Stories often lack
mythical significance

The chaotic noises
in a troubled mind
And the hole in the chest
Carved where once
blood pumped feelings
Are a broken soul's tavern

Tired is the only
Universal feeling
Of making up, making out
Breaking in ,breaking out

Fallen in love
Icarus or Lucifer
Just a woman
In an eternal fall

Shards of careless words
Peel the remains of love
From a carcass called body
And then the master stroke
Silence - to drive the knife home

And twist it to the last.

Sunday, January 22, 2017


The blank page stares back
sometimes silence
is the loudest howl

HOWL means Ginsberg 
the angst of 
having a love
no one understood

walking through life
as a grand supermarket
all shelves

Monday, January 16, 2017


The world is a voyeur
in this souk of words
it constantly demands
Nudes of the souls

mine are mostly
in pastels and greys
palettes get limited
by the lenses of
joy and pain
life spins like a wheel

Time is a razor
twin-blades - love and deceit
unlimited close shaves
of too many trieds
and could-have-beens

With Hemingway
in the trench of depression
I learnt that
the heart of a writer
is their only bait

Memories nibble on it
shred by shred
maybe that's why 
most cages
are made of ribs

In an old playlist
-" may have my number
you can take my name
but you'll never have my heart"

The wild  thing
In my cage
and remembers
someone sing

Monday, January 9, 2017


The reluctance of touching
A gossamer dream
Which could shatter
With a careless caress
Or a thoughtless word

The pain of knowing
Fragility and  inadequacy
Of that rainbow bubble
Called love

Edge of the sword
Waking the thin line
Between now or never
Only now,never again
Acrobatics known as heartbeats

Love is soul's
Or nothing !

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Life Oxymora

Familiar strangers
Distant intimacies
Cold fires
Dark Light

Lost hopes
Living dead
Open cages
True lies

Fragile strength
Healed hurt
Sad smiles
Momentary forever

Square Circumference
Cruel Kindness
Life oxymora !

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