Monday, October 15, 2018

An Almost Impossible #BlindList

I am going to be 40 in 4 months and I have never taken a solo vacation. 

Yes I have traveled alone a lot, but it was mostly between cities I worked or studied to hometown and even now for work mainly but never for leisure, those trips were first with parents, then with friends ( in an only girls group too, then ex-husband, then child but never ever alone.

Being a woman in India the blueprint is set early, in my small hometown no girl ventured alone even to the school or library. I extended my limits there and learned how to be "safe" along with enjoying the long solo walks up and down the slopes of Shimla.

As I moved to bigger cities for higher education first, then for work and finally due to marriage I did travel alone a lot in jiggling roadways buses, overcrowded trains and shared taxis but there was no pleasure in those trips. Only covering the distance from point A to point B for a specific purpose.

I dressed conservatively, was always careful about my belongings, never became too friendly with a co-passenger so basically followed all the "good Indian girl" rules.

Now I have have finally arrived at writing #theblindlist , I want to #sayyestitheworld and finally let my wanderer soul roam freely.

Picture Courtesy : Picjumbo

The odds still stand, even greater may be- single parenting, Fibromyalgia, the horror of #MeToo stories and yet I want to give the world and myself a chance to do the following:

  • Go on a trek in a group of strangers
  • Go river rafting and feel the river touch me like a passionate lover
  • Go Bungee jumping and feel the blood rush
  • Drive with my limited driving skills to a forgotten castle, a secluded monastery
  • Take a long train journey, through places where I learn new languages
  • Meet a stranger somewhere on a journey and make a friend
  • Look at countless sunrises and sunsets from an uninhabited island
  • Visit the indigenous people somewhere and live their way for some days
  • Wear what I want to wear for once while travelling
  • Be on a flight without knowing my destination

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The Human Bean Cafe, Ontario
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