Thursday, March 25, 2010

LOVE , *** aur bahut kuch !

I am no film critic and generally also I avoid passing judgements on other people's creative outputs.So whatever opinion I have about a poem,a book, a film or any other art piece I try keeping it to myself.However ,I do feel like absolving Ekta Kapoor of some of her saas-bahu sins for producing a film called Love,Sex aur Dhoka.Not that its a masterpiece,but Dibakar Banerjee does raise some relevant questions for the Youtube generation.
  • We are liberated enough to send our daughters to film schools ,but are we ready to accept their decisions about their own life?
  • Our society was always ridden with class and caste problems,but why are honour killings rising faster than our literacy rate?
  • We take pride in the globalisation of our country but what about the productification(my word!) of women in our media?
  • It is nice to have cameras in our phones,safety cameras in our stores,nanny cams in our homes,but are we mature enough to handle the voyeur in our mind?
  • When we have hundreds of friends on ****book and 1000000+ scraps in **kut ,aren't we stealing away time from our real life relationships?
  • Is privacy only a kind of setting online ?
  • Are we a society of scopophiliacs,so hungry for entertainment that we can sell our own private moments for it?
The quest to find these answers is on,atleast till I get the gory image of the brutal honour killing in the film out of my mind,and I am sure it will be a long time.


  1. It's the time for some great change Pooja. We are really very fluid in our concepts. Young minds are being bombarded with contrary perceptions that it has become difficult to answer the valid quesions that you have raised.

    Every generation goes through phases and slowly solidifies. As conscientious people it is our duty to add right products and properties to the young fluid state of mind so that it becomes ingrained in the solid ideas and the state of mind people finally live in as adults.

    I was such a fan of Channel V and Mtv, but today it's all trash. I was so dissapointed. The fundamentals of girls and boys were sooooooo messed up . Call me anything you like, but the girls were disgusting not fit to become wives or moms or anything, just trash. Well, so were the boys, but I was more affected by the girls.

    Whatever they say, It's a woman's world ! We touch more lives than men, starting from our home. So in all respects the answer to your questions lies in the way we (women) treat ourselves and others.

    The big change is here Pooja. We are much more empowered to tell our kids take responsibilty for your actions. To tell them it's wrong to degrade women. It's not ok to look trashy or abuse language or to hit others. It's not ok to see too much on and so forth... It's ok to feel bad, it's ok to lose, it's ok to be heart-broken, It's fine not to have all that you want.....and so much more.

    I think this needs to be done forcefully by people like us in order to breed a generation that can discern between right and wrong...between killing and saving lives...between privacy and sharing...between entertainment and on and so forth.

    I have started taking small steps myself to set an example before my son. I tell my mom and grand mom to stop watching stupid serials. I talk with my friends about the fall-outs of raising brats.

    I am ready to change. Let's take charge!

  2. Thanks a lot Gunjan ,for your illuminating views.In fact the idea is to spark a debate and gain valuable insights into things from varied viewpoints.
    keep writing!

  3. And just when one was despairing that we were all sold to crass commercialism, this comes like a whiff of fresh air. Yes, time to take charge indeed!


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