Wednesday, October 20, 2010

मेरी बेटी

चलो कोई बात नहीं
अगली बार अच्छा सही
यह तो पराया धन है
सब किस्मत का खेल है

लडकियां कहाँ लड़कों से कम हैं
अब तो सब बराबर है

कब तक
हम चुपचाप सुनेगे
अपनी बेटियों के लिए
ऐसी बातें

कब तब होते रहेंगे
झूठे  दिलासे
झूठी मुबारकें

चाहे तुम न स्वीकार करो

मत करो तुम उसकी तुलना
क्यों बने वो बेटे जैसी
उसे बेटी ही है रहना

नहीं है वो बेटा
पर वो भी मेरा गर्व है
उसमे भी बसते हैं
मेरे प्राण
वो भी मेरा
स्वाभिमान है


  1. eeeewww that was very well said. Me and naveen wished for girl so bad that we didn't get even one and there are people who have all this to say for girls. Its just so sad. naveen's family and mine ...there are all boys, so it was much desired. But Lakshmi just goes to some houses. I am hoping more and more people will read this beautiful poem and try to just Shut Up, if they can't make it better. Naveen still teached both the boys that girls are special. the bond that i have with mom, even if my brother tries, he can never have the same:-) So we r the best..three cheers for girls

  2. Alas!if all the women could have similar thoughts.....Nevertheless lets hope the number of women having such positive thoughts will continue to rise.Amen!

  3. too good ... even i dont understand this .. y do everone say ... meri beti to mere bete jaisi hai... th is a question on the existence of womanhood ...we r girls and we r proud to be girls ...

    di ek request hai plz word verifecation hata dejiye

  4. @bindu:thanks for your feedback.this is a cause very dear to my heart.hoping to get all your support and encouragement.
    @seema:it is daughters like you who inspire this kind of thought process.
    @xitija:word verification removed.
    your suggestions are valued looking forward to more feedback from you.

  5. Very informative post. Thanks for taking the time to share your view with us.


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