Thursday, October 13, 2011


A few days ago I had actually penned down the lessons my gadgets provided me , and so I was inevitably looking around for more meaning and inspiration from the quiet and uncelebrated participants of our lives.To my great surprise I realized that so many simple everyday objects around the house also have a thing or two to teach.Here it is:

SPOON - You have to bow your head humbly in order to fill yourself with something valuable.
PENCIL - You have to put your neck into some kind of danger in order to prove your utility,so let life sharpen you out.
CURTAIN - Perspective is very subjective.Some may think I prevent people from looking in and others may presume I prevent other people from glancing out,ironically I am simply hanging there.
TOOTHBRUSH - If a little discomfort on your part brings on a smile, go through it.
MIRROR - An image is just that an image,a person is much more than an image.
CLOCK - Every contribution is significant.Most people read only the hour and the minute hand ,nevertheless the hand ticking for seconds is equally important.
ERASER - Even if you have to damage yourself a little to correct an error, do it.You might be contributing in making something just perfect.
NEEDLE- Respect verstality.Size doesn't matter.They say a pen is mightier than a sword and a sword is certainly mighteir than me.I can't write poetry or win wars but can they sew a button?

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