Friday, May 25, 2012


Trees are poems that earth writes for the sky; we fell them down and turn them into paper, that we may record our emptiness. –Kahlil Gibran

There it was
in the neighbour’s compound
leaning against my backyard wall

the curious tree
peeking into many homes
with its unruly branches
whose strange fruit
invited the parrots
the sparrows and the noisy crows
the chew-chew-chew squirrels
running up and down
its coarse roads

the chatter that filled
many uneasy silences
and kept the kids and pets amused
the thick leaves like gossiping ladies
whispered and murmured
a thousand secrets
and then at dusk huddled
their green heads together
to sway with the temple bells

the breeze it sent forth
never claiming its due
in making hot afternoons bearable
the breeze inspiring songs
in these lifeless urban homes

now there is a stump
of memories, breeze, green joys
and so many little nooks
which were homes

The tree was guilty
of being uncivilized
of giving without asking
so now they have
asked for its life!


  1. hey pooja....

    loved your way of expression.

    nice to know u...


  2. Hi Pooja
    Nice to be here
    basically a tree lover
    you did a wonderful job here
    Trees, the selfless service providers
    always at human's service but poor fellow at last fall in the hands of these cruel men
    so sad the fate of our trees
    I have written few post on this wonderful service providers called trees at my main blog
    thanks for sharing this thought provoking picece
    keep writing keep inform
    Pooja you need to promote your blog thru social websites provide a button for it
    best regards

  3. Sorry, I found the share button, really i missed it before posting my earlier comment
    good going
    keep it up


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