Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The woman who used to be #ALetterToHer

The first push 
was accidental
she presumed

the wife jokes
becoming nastier
the controlling
the belittling
was just foul mood

gradually the definitions 
were altered
silence was the price
for peace
love was a noose
a prison 
with no release

"his good heart
was never filled
with malicious intent"
she chanted

the constant
walking on egg shells
and shards of self
the bruises
the best makeup
could not conceal

the flowers and
the vacations and gifts
just masks

the nice man
she provoked
the marriage 
she couldn't sustain

the numbness
the scars
somewhere inside
she could not see

and the woman
she became
from the 
woman she 
used to be.

Meena Kandasamy's When I Hit You is a chronicle of an abusive marriage and a celebration of the invincible power of art. It must be read because it breaks the silence surrounding the violence in a traditional wedlock in modern India.

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