Friday, April 6, 2018

Friends are not lists, lists are not friends. (#LifeLessons from #SocialMedia) #FlashFiction #AtoZ

They had been facebook friends for ten years now; the friendversary video was simply wow! It had received about a 1k likes and 500 comments from both their lists that ran into thousands.

Both wrote heart-warming comments on each other’s pics, posts, wished dutifully on birthdays and wedding anniversaries with tagged posts and what not. But they had never met beyond inboxes.

Ruhi was in Delhi for the Fashion Week. Her SUV crossed a crowd around a hit and run near Pragati Maidan at 10 am. The next day’s newspaper said it was Ajit on his bike, her facebook friend.

Here is a complete list of my A to Z challenge posts 2018.

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