Friday, February 8, 2019

Guest Appearance

some absences are conspicuous
looking for something lost
that was never yours

listening to baul songs
I understand nothing
other than the pang

rust mark of a pin
on two papers
they must have been together
long back ago

valentine loneliness creeps
like unusually cold February
grief never fully thaws

The crater in my chest is back
so is the tumor in the spine
love keeps making
guest appearances


  1. As someone who hasn't had a lot of fun Valentines Days, I totally know how this feels :(

    But one perseveres, I guess, hoping for a better tomorrow.

  2. It can get rather lonely around such times specially. I hope some day happiness enters your life and sweeps you off your feet!

  3. It's paining, Pooja. I could feel you. May you be drowned with love sooner than later.

  4. फरवरी ने कब मुहब्बत के किये वायदे थे?
    बेगैरत जज़्बात किस महीने रहे कायदे से?


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