Wednesday, January 1, 2020


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- Language is one of the most potent tools that the human race has. Use it judicially. Sometimes in dissidence, we tend to use the same language that the oppression has, for instance, sexist language in feminist protests or casteist/communal language in social protests.

- Practice as you preach. Those of us who have had the privilege of education and awareness must use our misery/discrimination if any to raise awareness. If you hide it under the garb of "happy pictures" you are feeding the monster called patriarchy.

-Stop fake news and information.Before you press that forward/share button introspect, ALWAYS INDICATE SOURCE.

-Understand terminology. Mental health terms must not be used to describe criminal behavior. Poverty or discrimination must not be glorified in even art or poetry.

-Write/speak against the grain responsibly. Argue responsibly. Having ideological differences is alright, using those to demean the other personally never is remember that.

-Do not perpetuate myths/cliches that are discriminatory- look at this misery(Pain pornography), Disability is bravery(Inspiration porn), hashtags like #couplegoals #momisgreat and #happilyeverafter that perpetuate gender stereotypes.

-Respect CONSENT both online and offline. Do not pester people to add you or interact with you. As much as it is your right to approach them once it is their right to say NO or not react at all.

-Don't follow herds, if in a large group be a well-informed crowd.


  1. These are so relevant! Hope people do follow on.

  2. If only people follow these while having a discussion. It a rare sight, especially online. Good points though.

  3. This is excellent and pertinent advice for all those who are active online. Hope more people follow these.

  4. Thanks for advice people will nor change from

  5. Argue Responsibly. That's what we need to do. Target the opinion and not the person. Loved the article.

  6. These are very important etiquette to follow both online and offline. Thank you for sharing with us.

  7. I hope more people read this and follow. Good one, Pooja!


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