Friday, November 27, 2009

Adrak wali chai

In response to my incessant sneezing since morning,my multi-task manager at home sumitra ji insisted that I must have a cup of strong adrak wali chai.A few minutes later there I was sipping one of  the many good things about winters.It tasted great and provided the much needed relief to my congested respiratory passages,but that was not all.
Today this cup of adrak wali chai brought with it a flood of memories.My next sip tasted extra sweet as I remembered the one I shared with my then best friend and now husband in a roadside dhaba.I was reminded of the lonely adrak wali chai I had alone in a hospital corridor praying for the success of my father's surgery.The innumerable adrak wali chais that I had in my college canteen editing the college magazine,oh god! I feel so nostalgic.How can I not mention The many cups of adrak wali chai I made for visitors as they poured in our ancestral house to mourn the sudden demise of my uncle.
It is common knowledge that Adrak they say has many medicinal qualities,what I discovered today is that adrak can also be used to preserve memories.

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