Friday, November 20, 2009

Guardian Angel....

One of the few good things that have remained with me from my convent education is the concept of a guardian angel.If I remember correctly,when I used to sing "Guardian angel watch over me,wherever I go wherever I'll be",in the primary section,it didn't really mean much.As I grew up the idea of someone watching over me was surely not a pleasant thing,but as soon as I stepped into the rather tough terrain of pre-adulthood,the idea of someone always there with me started catching up.
In my adult life the idea stayed with me ,but like many other good things from childhood remained buried.When I was growing up I had made an image in my mind of my guardian angel,quite a vivid one ,in spotless white complete with an aura and a wand.
Today many years later,when I am a mom and sceptic enough to belief in good surreal things, life brought me a surprise gift.In the stressful scenario of looking after my kid in a friendless and angelless metro city,I found out that guardian angels don't always wear spotless whites.They sometimes are clad in a simple cotton dhoti and all they carry is a small packet of homemade sweets and lots of love.
As my 11 month old rushed into the arms of her old caretaker ,with a million -dollar smile and a twinkle in the eye ,I am glad I instantly recognised that a Guardian angel had arrived.
She can not  read this ,but thankyou Sumitra ji for being our guardian angel!

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