Wednesday, June 15, 2011


It is strange how me a mom,who should be imparting my kid most of her knowledge about this strange world,often finds the role reversed.My daughter turned two and a half today and what a roller-coaster it has been... .Yet I would not exchange this for any other experience of my life because the following lessons from my daughter couldn't have come better from anywhere else.

  • SEEK LOVE - Even if it means being denied sometimes,the process of seeking a hug,a kiss or just pure attention makes one look around for people who might themselves be starving for love but are too busy to look for it.
  • GIVE LOVE - How about a kind ,word to your mom when she is tired, a flying kiss to a dog,a small hat with your plant.find a way to give love ,it will only make your heart a warmer place.
  • NEVER STOP ASKING - The only risk is irritating the other people,but isn't it worth the knowledge acquired,askling  is not only about questions it is also about answers and hearing the other person out.
  • MEND - Whether its a broken toy or a rule or a fence .try to mend it, true it will never be the same but it will no longer be broken.
  • PRICETAGS ARE MEANINGLESS   The real test of worth of anything is the joy it gives us.When we get a call from a long-lost friend do we think about the model of her latest phone?Sometimes a small ice-cream treat is more worthy than an expensive dinner.
  • FORGIVE - It is alright to be upset,angry and hurt but one can't be like that for long.So forgive and move on.
  • APOLOGISE - We all make mistakes some like the broken china vase are irreversible and others like he stolen cookie just stupid,but a heartfelt sorry for both is a must.
  • SING - The lyrics are unimportant,the tune in your heart and the spring in your steps are worth singing.
  • DANCE - At the risk of making a fool out of yourself just let the rhythm take over ,it is excellent therapy to make anyone smile.
  • SMILE - Words are nice ,but a smile can make you communicate even with a perfect stranger.So smile,even in the face of an injection ,it will not make the pain go away but will surely make the doctor smile back at you.

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