Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Many years ago I had a friend,lets call her H. we were in the same course in college but at that point our interaction was limited to exchanging pleasantaries,notes or debates in seminars. I liked her panache,her outgoing nature and her broad smile,but we had our own set of friends and didn't get thick while there.

A couple of years later we were put together in another course in another university,here we also shared a hostel ,became more intimate and friendly.I found her to be even better than I had imagined.We now talked more,shared more and kind of became each other's family away from home.All seemed well.....
The day I got married in a sudden and small strictly family function she was the one who called and wished me happiness.After that I got so tied up in settling down in my new life that didn't get back to her though I kept myself updated about her by some common friends .She got married too,cities changed,numbers contact for almost four years.
Then FB happened,I located her through her blog ,contacted her,but understanably enough she seemed annoyed and distant.I was elated though that she had done well for herself ,was in a job she loved and had an adorable kid a little older than mine.A few weeks later as I was going through a bad patch ,I wrote to her and I'm sure it sounded like asking for help.
She responded.She hit the cruel UNFRIEND button.
I was hurt,but didn't want to loose her a second time so I found her number and called,but she had moved on.Sadly I haven't,I still think about her.I admit it is my fault too,maybe it is all my fault but I wanted to make amends and thats what I tried to do.
Whenever I see that button on FB ,I wish I could undo it and win my friend back.
Is being less successful so bad?
or is asking for a second chance unforgivable?
Whoever coined that word unfriend,and whoever made that into clickable possibility has lent a new dimension to human relationships.Will we soon also look for unmother,unfamily,unlife.....
So please the next time you hit that button on someone please think twice....and yes pray that me and H befriend each other again and heal our relationship.

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