Thursday, April 7, 2016

FREEDOM FROM FEAR #AtoZChallenge #LifeLessons

fear can freeze you
and take away
your strength too
but the only way
is out
so clench that fist
with your fear
play knockout
to be able to be free
is the way to be.
I was born and brought up in a hill town, visited relatives in plains only during summer vacations, so my first living in with house lizards happened much later in life. There was something about them, the way would suddenly soring from some dark corner , move fast along the walls or throw their tongues out, I was very sacred of them.
My fear of lizards grew so much that I would freeze when I saw one on the opposite wall and until there was ample proof that it has left the room I would not enter there again.
Life changed when I became a parent, when the little one was two I realised I was passing on my fear for lizards to her and that was so not done.
So I decided to achieve freedom for that fear for her.
I was hopeful that she would not inherit my fears, as every human being has plenty of their own to conquer and overcome.
I started by watching TV shows about them, in the beginning even that was difficult but eventually I learned so much about them, gradually I stopped being startled or frozen when I saw one on the opposite wall.
Now when I see one I am ok. The little one did not grow with a fear of house lizards.

Another fear was facing the death of my parents, today a year of processing the grief of losing my father I have overcome two of these fears in my life and I am much more at peace with life.
SO go ahead face that fear, believe me freedom from fear is a worthy life lesson.

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