Monday, April 18, 2016


Being Obsessed
is almost like being possessed
by a demon that grows
beyond your control
and before you know
it holds your strings
and you dance helplessly
as it sings.
Whether is the OCD of constantly peeking into our smartphones to look for the latest update or something much ore serious we are all living in an increasingly obsessive world, where we keep repeating one kind of thoughts and actions and getting frustrated about no newness.
Just trying keeping those screens away for one day or just a few hours, no calamity shall befall the world, it will run the way it does and at the end of it you may find yourself calmer and less rushed. 

While being passionate about a creative art or something productive makes us more devoted and focussed , being obsessed is just the opposite, it keeps us hyper, distracted and ready to snap.
So introspect, what is your obsession?
Start with omitting the smaller ones, like checking your phone, touching up your make-up, hovering over your child every few minutes and then move on to omitting bigger obsessions like your spouse's phone, your child's friends, unnecessary negative gossiping and overt criticising.
feel the change.

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