Friday, April 8, 2016


If boys will be boys
and girls will be girls
they will remain trapped
in gadgets and twirls
be a person first
don't put on a gender screen
without a gender prejudice
see others as
you wish to be seen.

I live in India and one of the most bitter battles I have fought here and continue to fight is about gender stereotyping. Being an only child and a girl in early 80s in small time India was very challenging both for me and my parents.

Sadly now being a parent to a single girl child by choice I do not see much change, our dwindling gender ratio has only made it a hugely unsafe and unequal society for girls.

The moment you are born you are tried to be labelled and typecast according to your gender, every time you act or behave beyond those clichés , you face resistance and ridicule.

One of the most detrimental factors in our self-image and identity is our gender. Sadly it also starts acting as a prism through which we see everyone around us.

The moment we see the person beyond their gender and remove the label-man/woman/transgender/others we see the real person, we connect at mental, emotional and intellectual level. This goes a long way in humanising ourselves and others and not seeing them as clichéd, gendered identities.

Go ahead once see beyond gender, find the souls.

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