Saturday, April 4, 2015

Death Certificate - in the memory of my late father

A piece of paper
to make me believe
it wasn't a bad dream
the pyre, the cremation
are fears my overactive mind
a disinterested old man's
blank stare
from behind the piles
of files
thousands of deaths
stocked as papers
as legal statistics
no record
of the empty beds
unused creams, toothpastes
specs through which
his eyes saw the world
his rosary wrapped on my wrist
to feel his rough, old fingertips
to hear him murmur
his sacred chant
questions unanswered
I love yous
whys ,unsaid
a 22 second sound recording
a blurry video
of him having his evening chai
in an inexpensive mobile
a death certificate
for a date and a time
none for the years
and moments
gone forever.

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