Thursday, April 9, 2015

Hide and Seek (in the memory of my late father)

A vast green campus
of several historic structures
amidst a thick pine forest
The heritage power station
- your workplace
my childhood home
those endless mazes
of cobbled corridors
stone walls
where my little giggles
and Jackie's* mild barking
would echo for hours
we would run around
playing Hide & Seek
till you would call out
for me and him
and before the echo of your voice died
we would come
running to you
Now I know
you will never call out
my name again
Jackie is long gone
Hope you meet him up there
and his coat is still shinier
than my hair
This time you both
have gone hiding
and I seek you
over and over again.
*Jackie was our German Shepherd, who had come to our home before I was born, was a constant companion, almost a sibling during my childhood. He passed away while I was still a child.

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