Friday, April 10, 2015

Idiosyncrasies (in the memory of my late father)

Out of the thousands of things
a child knows a parent by
a prominent one
is the idiosyncrasies
the knack of storing
newspaper cuttings
older than me
the fountain pen
the Chelpark Dark Blue Inkpot 
and the calligraphic writing
the carbon sheet
for a duplicate copy
of every handwritten sheet
the radio news
thrice a day
with strong tea
the phone diaries
of every shape and size
the neatly arranged
shaving supplies
coins of every denomination
in small jars
by the bedside
only cardigans
no pullovers
only blazers
no jackets
ironed and folded
hankies all whites
a no stubble look
a six decades old hairstyle
there were no headlines
80 years old, father of a girl, died
but a million idiosyncrasies
that were only his
some I inherited
some died.

1 comment:

  1. Fathers are very special . Their love is uncomparable and daughters always hold deep love in their heart for their dads. I could feel your emotions . God bless you


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